Two Journal Entries from January 1, 2001

Exactly 15 years ago today, an 8-year-old me wrote this.

First entry:


Im am still awake five minutes after midnight1 just to write this. It the years 2001 and I am reading2 the fourth book of Harry Potter which is called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I am on chapter 25 (Veritaserum) I am 3 chapters away from finishing the book. Can you guess how much chapters there are. Don’t forget to ask Jesus into your heart because having Jesus in your heart is the greatest gift of all3.

See ya later

Second entry:


Sorry I got ya in one day4. I forgot to tell you about two other toys wegot. For all of us we got a Furby5 its like a toy that is a robot its really cute and you can feed it by pushing down on its toughng6. We also got a vegietales Larry Boy Mobile Larry Boy can fly out of it and the wheeles pop out and then wings pop out. I finished the Harry Potter book. Dont forget to pray to God every day7.

see ya

1This year, I slept 60 minutes before midnight since I volunteered to work the next day. Adult life.
2At 8-years-old, “reading” meant looking at the words in order and not taking in any information. I still “read” sometimes.
3Such wisdom. Not sure why I was writing this to my journal though.
4What? What does that mean? Got who? Got what? This doesn’t make any sense!
5Haters gonna hate, but our Furby was awesome.
6“Tongue” is a very hard word to spell.
7Thanks for the reminder, little guy. I will try to remember.


The Death of Chicken Moreno: Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted about how my friends and I accidentally killed our pet chick. If you haven’t read that post, go do it before you read this one.

This is another post that will be coming straight from my childhood journal. Thanks to this entry, I now know that the chick that died was named Fulkner. Here is what I wrote after the tragic accident. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation is going to remain exactly the same as it is written in the journal. There will be footnotes in which I will comment or clarify what I wrote. Please remember that I was 9 when I wrote this.


I got 2 baby chick from my big brother’s science teacher we name Silfy and the other one Fulkner1. But Fulkner died because my friend steped on him and he died. I began to cry and my mom told me some stories about how her chick died2. And my friend thought it was his fault and I feel sory3 for him.

1I do not know where we got these names from. I assume Fulkner was somehow inspired by the author William Faulkner
2My mom grew up in the Mexican part of Texas, so, naturally, she raised chickens.
3Words that had repeated letters were hard, okay?

A Journal Entry From May 29, 1999

I recently found my old diary that was given to me by my first grade teacher after the completion of that grade. It was in the exact place I left it many years ago.

In order to better process these past events of my life, I will be posting entries of my childhood journal into this blog. These posts will be exact copies with the original spelling, grammar, and punctuation that I used so many years ago, thus keeping the integrity of the primary sources. You will quickly learn that I was not the most literate person in the world. I wrote these like letters, as if I was sending them to an actual person. I will be using superscripts so that I can either comment on or correct my writings at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, in honor of the new Star Wars trailer being dropped last week, here is an entry from my journal I wrote after watching Star Wars: Episode I. Please remember that I was seven years old, and my brain was not yet developed enough to realize the train wreck that I was watching.

May 29, 1999 Daniel1

high2 I saw star wars today. And insted of darth vater it was darth mall. And there was a little boy named Anagan sky walkere3 and he was in this race and at the begening of the race he had a problam the moder wouldnt start but then it started to sart. And evryone crast4 ecsept anagan skywalker and a alean and anagan skywalker waln. And darth mall got cut in tow hal5 because a jeti yoused a saver6 to do it. and it was eng7 and lowd. And I have 3 star wars videos and the star wars that I saw today had gient fish in it. And it was so cool8. And my brothe9 is asking me queshtens he keeps asking m what bug is that

by10 see you to marro

1I have no idea why I wrote my name at the beginning of entries, but every entry is written like I am talking to an actual person. This was my way of either addressing a letter to myself or the way I credited each entry to myself.
2I couldn’t spell “hi.”
3I’m so sorry, Star Wars fans.
6For the longest time, I thought the plasma beams that they fought with were called life savers. I thought it was really cool that there was a candy named after a science fantastical weapon.
7I have no idea. I couldn’t make out what I wrote.
8I’ve always thought that giant fish are really cool.
9I assure you that I meant to write “brother”, not “brothel.”
10I didn’t know how to spell greetings or farewells.