A Journal Entry from December 30, 2000

If you’re reading for the first time, I occasionally post entries from my boyhood journal. I wanted to wait to post this one until the time was right. I have copied the entry with the exact spelling and punctuation it had when it was originally written. The annotations are my present day commentaries. Enjoy.


I got a Razor scooter and a lego soccer set1. My big brother got a Cyber k’nex that can move by its self and attack people with its missiles2. My little brother got a XR, Zurg, and Jessie doll. He wanted a Bullseye but mom couldnt find one (I don’t believe in Santa, sorry if I make you sad3). Our Aunt got for all of us 10 Pok’eRoMs4. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and that means I get to stay up til midnight. Don’t forget the best gift of all is Jesus5.


1I currently use that scooter to ride around the office at work. That soccer set was awesome, and I have not thought about it in probably 15 years. I’m going to look for it next time I go home. If it is gone, then sadness.
2I don’t really remember what this was, but it sounds like he got the best gift by far.
4In place of the second “o” in Pok’eRoMs, I drew a tiny CD. Pok’eRoMs were small disks you put in your computer, and they did nothing but show you a map of the Pokemon world. It was pretty lame because the ad made them sound awesome.
6In place of the “J” in “Jesus,” I drew an upside down candy cane.


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